Hello welcome to my Ohio plants page. My name is Ben and I am very excited to experience EEOB 2210 this semester! I hope you enjoy reading my page.


The marsh we visited was on Darby Creek Drive and is a recovering nature preserve area. Some of the plants present that were dominant in that are were flowering: Wool Sedges, Panicle Aster, Red Clover, American Fireweed, and Wild Carrot; Fruiting: Milkweed, and Cattail.

 Wool Sedges


The prairie visited was a tall grass prairie at Battelle Darby Metro Park.  Some of the dominant plants were flowering: Stiff Goldenrod, Sawtooth, and False White Indigo; fruiting: Dogwood, Swamp White Oak, Big Blue Stem, Indian Grass, Jewel weed, and  Pasture Thistle.

 Stiff Goldenrod

Cedar Bog-

Cedar Bog is a state park with mostly settled water within, however; there are some areas with flowing clear water. Due to the fact that Cedar Bog has many areas with a flowing stream of clear water, it is possible that it is misnamed. This is because a bog does not recycle water  but has water that is stagnant. The formation of cedar bog is caused by two large mounds on either side of the park that cause all water to flow into the area that is essentially a large ditch. While at Cedar Bog I was tasked with finding two vines, seen below, which commonly grow in the park.


Virginia Creeper